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Diabetes UK’s Learning Zone

Find healthy ways to eat the foods you love at Diabetes UK’s Learning Zone If you, or someone in your family lives with diabetes, join over 100,000 people and sign Up to use Diabetes UK’s free Learning Zone tool. When certain foods and ways of cooking are such a central part of the culture you’ve grown up in, it can take a little while to adjust if you need to make changes to your diet. Even if cooking food isn’t something you’re confident about, you get familiar with your favourite recipes from Learning Zone and they start becoming second nature. Our Food Hacks Global course covers cuisine from jollof rice to ackee and saltfish and small ‘hacks’ you can try to make your favourite dishes healthier. Read more...

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  • The first & only legal Black Radio Station in Birmingham serving the community. The Champions of Authentic African and Caribbean Music & Talk.


  • Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.

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