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The Caribbean Market +( Never Grow Old' Theatre Show)

Get ready to defy time and embrace eternal youth at the "Never Grow Old" on February 12, 2024, at 2:00 PM! Legacy Centre of Excellence 144 Potters Lane Birmingham B6 4UU

About this event

The Caribbean Market 2pm till 7pm
Mark your calendars for the grand finale on the 17th of February, starting from 2 pm – a special Caribbean market event with live entertainment and authentic food that'll transport you straight to the vibrant streets of the islands!
Picture this: a lively market filled with the colors, flavors, and sounds of the Caribbean. Enjoy live entertainment that will have you dancing and celebrating the rich heritage that inspired "Never Grow Old."

Legacy Centre of Excellence Presents ''Never Grow Old'' our first theatre production! ???
Date: 12th-17th February 2024 Time: 7:30pm Till 10:00pm
Never Grow Old
Written and directed by Corey Weekes & Casey Bailey
"Never Grow Old" is a captivating and vibrant theatre production that transports its audience to the vibrant streets of London, delving into the captivating history and the electrifying origin of the world-renowned Notting Hill Carnival. This exhilarating show immerses viewers in a compelling narrative that uncovers the carnival's roots, tracing it back to its very beginnings in the 1950s when Caribbean immigrants infused their rich culture and music into the heart of London.
Through a dynamic blend of music, dance, and powerful storytelling, "Never Grow Old" explores the resilience, diversity, and unyielding spirit of the community that gave birth to this iconic celebration. The production paints a vivid picture of the neighborhood's transformation, the struggles, and the creative forces that came together to create an enduring cultural masterpiece. Audiences will be transported through time, as they witness the evolution of Notting Hill Carnival from its humble origins to the extravagant and colourful extravaganza that it is today. "Never Grow Old" is a celebration of the carnival's heritage, a tribute to its founders, and an unforgettable journey through the history of this beloved cultural phenomenon.

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  • Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.

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