Urban Gospel Flavas

Join Trevor Junior with The Urban Gospel Favas Sunday 8pm - 10pm.

Born and grew up in birmingham.

according to my parents, & found the love of music since the ripe age of three, after being attracted to the bluespot radiogramme. this led me to the blues dances, clubs, pirate radio, then to gospel music, where i was then recruited as a soldier in the army of the lord...

been a dj and presenter at home and abroad for the last 35yrs and more, of which the last 6 – 8 yrs took my career to another level in gospel music.

my aim: -

to the hungry, in need of advice, help, instructions and warnings, comfort, hope, correction and directions, predictions and promises in every experience in life, receive help in that time of need, with guidance in life’s problems with the knowledge of jesus christ, for there's hope in the future with a peace of mind and an assurance of eternal life, in him who's often immitated but never equalled, our lord & only saviour.....jesus christ. blessed love to one & all